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School of Women

If in 1718 a small college in Connecticut, hadn’t accepted £562.12 (over $100,000 given modern inflation) in goods, 417 books and a portrait and coat […]

Ring by Spring // by Savannah DiGiovanni

Yale doesn’t typically strike one as a “ring by spring” school. That is, most Yalies don’t prowl Blue State looking for “the one” — someone […]

Exhibiting Exile

The Yale University Art Gallery’s new exhibit “Artists in Exile: Expression of Loss and Hope” is a meditation on the experience of leaving home, either […]

A Conversation Piece

A conversation piece is something like a boldly colored necklace or a funky glass vase — an object of intrigue that often brings about, well, conversation. […]

The Ruhling Class

Sometimes after a very late night we might sleep until 1 p.m. and wake up in a foggy confusion. Other times we might sleep until […]

Ladies Not Waiting

In the 18th century, most women were excluded from intellectual life. But three German-British princesses decided they were more than their marriages, and their artistic and scientific interests shaped Enlightenment Europe.

Ruff Around the Edges

Christening the newly renovated Irving S. Gilmore Music Library in Sterling Memorial Library is the exhibit, “A Riff on Ruff” located just outside the Music […]

Exhibit displays architectural sculptures

Just off the corner of College and Orange Street, “Architectural Abstractions,” the sculptural collection of Edwin “Ted” Salmon, is on display at the Reynolds Fine Art gallery.