Sarah Merriman
Checking off another box on my ‘For Life’ to-do list

Four years down and 27 days to go, and I finally figured it out: Yale lies. When I got my golden ticket of an admissions […]

A dying relic: Collegiate intellectualism

Welcome to Yale, Class of 2006. Kindly check your opinions at Phelps Gate. Keep your debates out of the dining hall. And if you can […]

Goodbye to Naples, where everybody knew your name

This is the 21st column I’ve written, a number which could be considered coincidental or symbolic. “21” of course, is an important number in recent […]

Senior year wanes and no good jobs in sight

It’s not easy being a senior. Somewhere in between going out every night, maintaining an expression of aloof disdain for underclassmen, dodging essay advisers, and […]

Early decision and elitism in the Ivy League

Pity poor President Richard Levin. After he admitted late last semester that he opposes the early-admissions process, he must have spent the rest of the […]

Defending my right to clog Yale’s server

It’s a familiar routine: you glance over your shoulder to confirm the lack of witnesses, unlock your post office box, and shield your eyes from […]

Harry Potter and Yale: Buying into the myths

Harry Potter the movie opens in theaters nationwide today. Devoid as it is of 9-year-olds, this campus has been host to none of the Harry […]

A senior’s open letter to Dean Richard Brodhead

Dear Dean Brodhead: So I hear you’re putting together a committee on undergraduate education. I would apply to serve, but as is the case for […]

Tercentennial lame but merry

I admit it: I am but a willing cog in the Yale 300 machine. I’ve ordered my tickets, printed my schedules, attempted to make sense […]

YCC only resurfaces on the cruelest month

The Yale College Council is holding its elections this week with ballots available online until Friday morning. Ignore for a moment that I can’t respect […]

Economic downturn and the return of the BlueLight special

In a time when the gulf between the rich and the not-so-rich has grown greater than ever before, the American collective identity has deluded itself […]