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“So much is at stake”: Yale’s historic ties to Russia’s Skolkovo School

Yale’s School of Management has held collaborations with the Skolkovo School of Management in Russia since 2015, but ended its relationship with the school in March 2022 after Skolkovo was suspended from the Global Network for Advanced Management.

SOM professor tracks company withdrawals from Russia

280 companies have now made the list as having shut down business operations in Russia.

Yale SOM hosts “Fempire” colloquium after three-year hiatus

Fempire drew in over 130 attendees to attend workshops on how to thrive professionally and personally as a woman in management.

SOM tenure denial sparks debate on diversity in academia

On Feb. 15, associate professor at the Yale School of Management Michael Kraus announced on Twitter that he had been denied tenure. His fellow academics […]

Yale SOM hosts second global stock trading competition

This February, 376 business school students from around the world competed in Yale’s Stock Trading Competition, which hosted its final round on Wednesday.

New Haven and Yale community discuss rising meat prices

Biden’s meat packing initiatives are a step in the right direction, but they leave much to be desired, animal rights activists and local chefs say.

Popular management class aims to teach students “how to be influential”

The class, offered by the Yale School of Management, hopes to combat the stigma that being influential is the same as being manipulative.

SOM professor’s summit draws 100 university presidents, CEOs

The nation’s academic and business elite rubbed elbows on a Wednesday morning call hosted by the Chief Executive Leadership Institute.

SOM professors reflect on summits condemning Trump’s statements

Nearly a year after former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, professors reflect on the corporate summits organized by professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.

Y-H Spissue: Harvard students navigate new travel, lodging, and cost challenges to attend Yale-Harvard Game

Since learning that Yalies cannot host Harvard students the night before the Yale-Harvard game, students are navigating a host of considerations to travel to New […]

Asian American students, faculty members reflect on rise of hate crimes

The past year has seen immeasurable suffering for many communities across the country. The pandemic has brought on a particularly heightened sense of fear in […]