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CITY COLUMN | Breidbart: March Madness, bailout-style

Chris Dodd vs. Tim Geithner: There’s a match-up that wasn’t anywhere to be seen on Barack Obama’s March Madness bracket last week. But, in truth, […]

Breidbart: Rell’s budget awash with worries

Connecticut state legislators remained divided this week over how Connecticut residents should do their laundry. With close to 150 testimonies submitted to them on the […]

Breidbart: Budget touts regionalism

Believe it or not, Sarah Palin could have been governor of Connecticut. She told the Associated Press on Thursday that she had aspirations of moving […]

Breidbart: Rell, thank the Academy

“Revolutionary Road,” filmed on location this past summer in Stamford and Trumbull, is expected to be up for several Academy Awards next month. That should […]

Breidbart: Sustain the budget via sustainability

President-elect Barack Obama hosted the nation’s governors in Philadelphia on Tuesday and Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell was amongst those who attended. The group chatted […]

Breidbart: State Dems need to make health care a priority

Joe Lieberman aside, Connecticut Democrats have to be pleased with where they stand after Election Day. They turned the entire state blue, with Jim Himes […]

Breidbart: A president who understands

We’ve had a peanut farmer from Georgia and a self-proclaimed cowboy from Texas, but it has been some time since the United States has had […]

Breidbart: City has options beyond layoffs

As the federal government moves to do whatever it can to bail out Wall Street (ah, to be a CEO), cities nationwide are left to […]

Voter participation high in Elm City

New Haven radiated blue on Tuesday as Sen. Barack Obama claimed 88.5 percent of the vote and Sen. John McCain took 11.5 percent. Throughout New […]

Homework? No, there’s a state to be canvassed

KEENE, N.H. — With just a few days remaining before the 2008 elections, polls from New Hampshire show Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with a […]

Chris Dudley ’87: From the Ancient Eight to the NBA

There’s a reason he calls himself a “trivia question.” Which Ivy League basketball player had the longest NBA career? The answer: Chris Dudley ’87. Although […]