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LANDINO: That ball and chain

When our spring semesters were cut off, I was left with loose ends. My best friends are all holed up in their houses, and Houseparty […]

“I Heard You Paint Houses”: A review of “The Irishman”

One of the darkest bits in the canon of Martin Scorsese’s films is the “Pretty Face” sequence in “Raging Bull.” Jake LaMotta, the paranoid, abusive […]

LANDINO: Dear prefrosh

Dear prefrosh, Winter may have arrived in Westeros, but spring has sprung here in New Haven, and I bet the work ethics of your senior […]

LANDINO: On our terms

We engage with brands in order to reflect some aspect of ourselves — at least, that’s the conventional idea. What we choose to wear, where […]

LANDINO: Paid to the order of

On the afternoon before Yale decisions were released, my dad turned to me and said resignedly, “Well son, at least we’ve got a plan moving […]

LANDINO: A better alternative

On Valentine’s Day, the News published an article detailing the Yale College Council’s recent mental health report. According to the article, nearly half of Yalies […]

LANDINO: On civility

The MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program is a research center dedicated to “thinking about and resolving disputes in the public sector.” The center’s website is filled […]

LANDINO: Madonna was right

The decline and fall of the Yale Empire began last week with a story by the News detailing the triumph of the University of Texas […]

LANDINO: A matter of scale

Last semester, I wrote a column for the News arguing that Yale should provide a more equitable financial aid package to Eli Whitney students (“LANDINO: […]

LANDINO: Tackling football

Daniel plays defensive tackle. His one job on the field is to sprint up the gaps between the linemen facing him and to tackle the […]

LANDINO: The dining question

When I was filling out paperwork for this semester over the summer, I began the annual Yalie scheme — searching for loopholes to reduce payments […]