Sam Lasman
Lasman: Rethinking hatred

Hate — one of the few emotions with a legal definition — has been all the rage lately. Commentators and columnists debate why “they” hate […]

Lasman: The Queen’s Singlish

For all its essential dryness, grammar is a deeply emotional subject. However little most of us would like to sit through a sixth-grade English class […]

Lasman: Taking a backseat

In Sikkim, the little thumb of India that juts north into the Himalayan foothills between Nepal and Bhutan, there are no seatbelts. As it was […]

Lasman: Our memory to bear

If you spent Sunday as I did, basking in glorious sun on Cross Campus, you might have heard, undercutting the laughing conversations and whirring Frisbees, […]

Lasman: When the music stops

This past weekend, spurred by an enticing panlist invite, I went dancing. Overcoming my matzoh-induced weakness, I cavorted down the streets of New Haven with […]

Lasman: Reacting to webcam wiretapping

I try to keep a fairly well kempt online persona. My Facebook pictures don’t get a lot more incriminating than the odd Solo-cup-in-hand candid and […]

Lasman: Daring to dine

Cody’s Diner, out on 95 Water St. — a brisk 20-minute walk from Yale — is a pint-sized place of Tom Waits-ian charms. With its […]

Lasman: Creating controversy

Last Friday, Al-Jazeera obtained a video in which Osama bin Laden tongue-lashed America’s global warming record, topping it off by quoting Noam Chomsky’s characterization of […]