Sam Lasman
9/11 Reflection: Sam Lasman

I am not qualified to write about the personal dimension of 9/11. I have visited Ground Zero and the Pentagon, read eyewitness accounts and the […]

LASMAN: Losing power

In the past few weeks, the East Coast has experienced a sort of miniature End of Days – an earthquake that caused up to $300 […]

Lasman: Lies et Veritas

At the end of the year, the temptation to pass judgment on a calendar’s worth of successes and disappointments becomes hard to resist. We feel […]

Lasman: From Bieber to Al Weiwei

It’s been a bad week for artist-government relationships. First came China’s reactive detention of the artist Ai Weiwei for “economic crimes,” a euphemism for anti-regime […]

Lasman: Violent delights and violent ends

Romeo and Juliet is not about the ability of love to transcend divisions and violence. However boundary-breaking the Montague-Capulet couple seems, the lovers cut a […]

Lasman: The two faces of women in war

It’s far too early to say how Operation Odyssey Dawn will go down in history. But whether humanitarian triumph or interventionist debacle, the conflict in […]

OPINION | On rattlesnakes and rollercoasters

This spring break, I encountered both my first roller coaster and my first rattlesnake. The former jostled me through a well-designed maze of turns and […]

Lasman: The continuing trial

Finally. After 2,000 years of waiting for the official verdict, the Jewish people have at last been cleared of collective guilt in the death of […]

Lasman: The future of the future

In one of my improv group’s signature games, three lined-up players — one sitting, one kneeling, one standing, all flailing arms — purport to be […]

Lasman: Man’s best friend… for now

For most of us outside the monkey labs, Yale is a strikingly animal-free place. Growing up across the street from a horse farm, in a […]

Lasman: Words, both free and fair

It may have escaped the notice of all but a grab-bag of News online commenters, but two weeks ago The Huffington Post published an article […]