Sam Heller
Book on Jewish conspiracy hits new low for academics

Apparently, Sterling Professor of English David Bromwich has something of a sideline at The Huffington Post. In addition to his writings elsewhere, he has posted […]

Landscapes embody greatness of America

I’ve written before about how sweet I think America is. (In case you forgot: totally sweet.) And I mostly attributed said sweetness to our nation’s […]

‘Dude-a-Que’ recalls Yale’s manliness of old

It has been almost 40 years since Yale’s 1969 introduction of coeducation, and we are undoubtedly the better for it. Arbitrarily halving a class of […]

It’s time to speak up against new colleges

At this point, I don’t think anyone gives credence to President Levin’s repeated reassurances that Yale’s impending two-college expansion “is by no means certain” (“Donors […]

Surprise: Liberals aren’t the only crazy ones

Before spring break, I decided to opt out of my usual weekend regimen of moral decline (I’ve yet to bottom out, so high-fives all around) […]

Elitism isn’t enough: You have to act on it

Much as I trust in Yale’s exceptionalism, it’s possible to let our elitism get away from us. Maybe it’s because we can spend our time […]

Harvard-haters don’t make Yale look good

I’m sure everyone at Yale has complained about Harvard at some point. I know I was less than thrilled with their lackluster undergraduate tailgate this […]

Unique concept of identity makes U.S. great

I probably think about how sweet America is a good half-dozen times a day, more if I have free time between classes. My seminar last […]

‘Multifaith’ chaplain would devalue belief

In his recent column (“It’s time to rethink role of campus chaplain,” 1/17), Rabbi James Ponet assumes that Rev. Jerry Streets’ replacement “shall be a […]

Li’s quest for equality ignores the real issues

If it accomplishes nothing else (which, realistically, it won’t), the civil rights complaint leveled by Jian Li ’10 against Princeton will have at least helped […]

Voting out of state screws up democracy

Let me say: Bravo to all you out-of-staters who registered to vote in Connecticut and exercised that right and privilege this past Tuesday. Like that […]