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COHEN, CAMPBELL: Saluting leadership

On Sunday, the members of the University community will celebrate the career and achievements of Joseph W. Gordon, deputy dean of Yale College and dean of undergraduate education, who retired last month after more than 40 years of service to Yale.

COHEN: Salovey, confront the MLA

When did modern language scholars become foreign policy experts?

COHEN: Cruz’s scrambled eggs

It was a disgusting display of his disregard for the hard work of governing, and his utter misuse of the stories of Theodor Geisel.

COHEN: Ending the stigma

Why do suicide rates among veterans remain high despite the best efforts of the US government?

COHEN: Show up to Sochi

Instead of agreeing to be hidden by a boycott, the ultimate display of defiance would be seeing athletes on the pedestal proud of who they are and their achievements — not as gay athletes, but as the best athletes.

COHEN: Not-so-friendly fire

One in three women in the United States Armed Forces has been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of another service member.

COHEN: Coming out and changing minds

But I wasn’t disappointed at Senator Portman or his position — I was disappointed in the liberals who blasted him for citing his personal experience as the reason for his about-face.

COHEN: Already in combat

Tell those women fired upon or bombed while driving that they weren’t in combat.

COHEN: Keep staring

Despite the filled column inches, cut ribbons and congratulatory speeches, Yale students know little about what the return of ROTC actually means on a day-to-day […]

COHEN: Military is ‘important’ to Dems

One of the worst trends in modern America is the civilian-military divide. Last week, I attended the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and saw the […]

COHEN: Redirecting Directed Studies

On Wednesday, a whole new crop of lucky freshmen buckled down to begin their year in Directed Studies. DS, the study of Western literature, philosophy […]