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Bagg: Learn humility from Yale

The French have a proverb: To know all is to forgive all. It may seem extreme to claim that greater understanding will always lead to […]

Bagg: The only peace

Imagine you live in the Gaza strip. Your grandparents fled from their homes in 1948, and they have taught you all your life that this […]

Bagg: Pornography is everywhere

American parents worry constantly about the implications of their children watching R-rated, or even PG-13–rated, movies. They won’t let their kids view countless films, made […]

Bagg: Happiness at Yale

Are you happy? Most Yalies say they are. It’s what we do. We value happiness highly here, so depression, in the Yale mind, is failure. […]

Bagg: Feminism needed at Yale

What is feminism, and why does it matter? Those questions seem to be on a lot of Yale minds these days. There’s been a lot […]

Bagg: Together, starting today

Today, at perhaps the most important national ceremony in years, Barack Obama has picked as the nation’s spiritual guide a homophobic, anti-abortion evangelical who doesn’t […]

Bagg: Christmas for everyone!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. In the next few weeks, families will travel long distances, give each other gifts they bought in […]

Bagg: Rethink recruitment

What did we learn from Ned Fulmer? Was he right? Are Yale athletes mediocre, on and off the field? Absolutely not, and Yale athletes were […]

Bagg: Result didn’t tell the full story

What does it all mean? A month and a half ago, McCain was ahead in the polls. Sarah Palin was electrifying conservative audiences, and the […]

Bagg: Waiting for our show

From the comfort of Yale’s ivy walls, it may seem ridiculous to claim that atheists are an oppressed group. Your average atheist is educated, white […]