Report forecasts drop in HS grad. numbers

For the first time in 14 years, rejected college applicants this year will have a hard time blaming unfavorable demographics for their “we regret to inform you” letters. National graduation rates have skyrocketed since 1994 at the same time that schools have witnessed a comparable expansion of the college-applicant pool, in what a recent College […]


Columbia and Princeton lag on aid reform

The ever-growing club of financial-aid reformers recently welcomed two more inductees — Brown and Stanford universities. But as the list of schools grows larger, two Ivies, Columbia and Princeton, are notably missing, and now all eyes are on them. Financial-aid reform has been a popular trend in the Ivy League in recent months, and Princeton […]


Orleans, director of Ivy athletics conf., to retire

The man who helped transform the Ivy League from a low-profile athletics conference to a breeding ground for national contenders has announced his retirement after 24 years of dedicated service. Jeffrey Orleans ’67 LAW ’71 revealed last week that he will step down from what some call the hardest job in college athletics — executive […]


Early detection tempers short, long-term effects

Eating disorders do not just affect how people interact with food — they can do permanent harm to a person’s body that will persist years after recovery. Doctors and students at the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders are working to prevent these effects by providing medical services to members of the New Haven […]


Waste not, want not: Aldermen discuss independent contractor

The New Haven Board of Aldermen may have found a way to turn trash into cash. The Joint City Services and Environmental Policy and Finance committees met last night to discuss the creation of a New Haven Solid Waste Authority, which would eliminate the city’s direct role in waste management and place these responsibilities in […]


Princeton considers gap year abroad for public service

While their fellow admits are registering for the first semester of courses come September,, some Princeton University freshmen-to-be in the class of 2013 could be on a plane to Mozambique or Mongolia. Princeton announced Monday that it has appointed a working group to begin exploring options for a new program that would allow undergraduates to […]


Violent porn flick prompts apology

Sex Week at Yale ran into more controversy Saturday night when porn director Paul Thomas, on campus to participate in the event, screened a graphic porn film that featured violent sado-masochism. Coordinators said they were appalled by the film — which they had not watched before it was aired in front of an audience of […]


Elis top USA Today rankings

Yale’s reputation for producing highly dedicated community activists should not be in jeopardy any time soon: 10 percent of the American college undergraduates named to USA Today’s All-USA Academic College Teams this year are Elis. More students were selected from Yale than from any other school in the country for the rankings, which were released […]


Harvard to publish faculty work online

Harvard University’s announcement Tuesday that it will soon begin publishing the completed academic articles of Harvard faculty online for public viewing has some members of the academic world unsure about how the move will affect the future vitality of scholarly journals. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard voted earlier this week to provide […]


Korean church solicits Elm City

Members of the Yale community practice many faith traditions. But proselytizing by members of one Korean church have left some students feeling a bit disturbed. Representatives of the World Mission Society Church of God — a religious group based in Korea that has been labeled a cult by Korean political leaders and ex-members — have […]


Gender doesn’t sway young female voters

In some ways, Sen. Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 has already made history. Over the past several months, she has positioned herself as the first woman in America’s history legitimately poised to nab her party’s nomination for president. But despite her focus on women’s issues and her repeated attempts to reach out to females across the […]