Froyo weathers cold

Frozen yogurt businesses around New Haven do not simply freeze up when the weather turns cold. There has been no significant decrease in the number of customers at frozen yogurt stores, according to local store owners. Frozen yogurt stores have adapted to the weather, attracting customers during with deals and discounts. In addition, store owners […]


Frigid weather causes minor damages to Yale

Yale safely weathered the polar vortex with minimal damage.


Mitochondria, key to obesity

New Yale research on how the brain processes fatty diets may help scientists develop better treatments for obesity.


Political beliefs affect objectivity

Political leanings may be inseparable from one’s ability to view scientific evidence objectively.


Brenzel tells students to value self-validation

Former Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffery Brenzel, the man who admitted all current undergraduates, urged individuals to be wary of the mindset that high-achieving students bring to institutions such as Yale. Brenzel, who spoke as part of the “What Matters to Me and Why” speaker series on Thursday evening, said people need to free themselves […]