Sai Rayala
Staff Reporter
Sai Rayala reports on Yale-New Haven relations. She previously covered climate and environmental efforts in New Haven. Originally from Powell, Ohio, she is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College majoring in History.
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University pressed for time to fulfill New Haven hiring agreement

In 2015, the University committed to hiring 500 New Haven residents from disadvantaged neighborhoods by 2019. Two years later, the University has reached that goal.

City and University officials announce six-year commitment, increases to Yale’s voluntary contribution

On Wednesday, Yale and City officials gathered at City Hall to announce a $52 million increase in the school’s voluntary contribution over six years and other new initiatives that would channel Yale resources to the city.

Yale’s Friday bomb threat may be connected to threats at other universities, NHPD says

At Tuesday press conference, NHPD details ongoing FBI investigation into bomb threat.

Two days after Yale, three Ivies receive bomb threats

Yale received a similar threat on Friday afternoon.

Yale affiliates donate 20 times more to Democratic mayoral candidate than to Republican

Yale affiliate donations denote a clear preference for Democratic incumbent Justin Elicker.

Workers call on Yale to end subcontracting of library work

In Tuesday protest, library workers deliver a book to the Provost’s office and call for an end to subcontracting.

After months of negotiations, Yale’s unions ratify five-year contracts

 Sixteen months after negotiations began, members of Yale’s two main unions voted to ratify new five-year contracts with the University, covering over 5,000 workers.  Locals […]

Local 35 union President Bob Proto speaks at a podium in front of members seated in rows on the Green.
Qinxuan Pan retains controversial New Haven-based defense attorney Norm Pattis

Qinxuan Pan, the MIT grad student accused of murdering Kevin Jiang ENV ’22, is now being represented by the controversial New Haven-based defense attorney Norm […]

“What is Yale For?”: As University answers humanity, protesters push back

Yale and local Labor unions arrive at tentative contract agreement

After nearly 15 months of negotiations, Yale University and two local labor unions have reached a tentative agreement for a five-year labor contract.  University officials […]

Yale Respect New Haven rally
Local vaccination campaign hopes to increase youth vaccination rates

The “Rock the Vax” vaccination campaign targets New Haven’s youth population with various incentives.

New Haven city officials and staff pose for a photo inside the center during the event. From the left: Ward 30 Alder Honda Smith, director Maritza Bond, Robb Blocker, Carolyn Kinder