Saheli Sadanand
Polio in Syria alarms

The ongoing Syrian civil war has led to the deaths of over a hundred thousand Syrians and the displacement of millions. The conflict has also […]

SADANAND: Voyager 1 joins the pantheon of great explorers

The science world has of late seemed particularly gloomy.

SADANAND: Advice for to-be Ph.D. candidates

I think I can distill what has improved my experience into three tips for those of you bound for graduate school in the sciences and maybe other paths as well.

SADANAND: Previewing Deep Impact

Rarely do I have a “For serious? That just happened?!” moment while reading the morning news, but last month’s meteor explosion in Siberia was pretty freaky.

SAHELI: The not-so-dreamy Dreamliner

Like many people, I find flying fairly stressful. No matter how many plane safety statistics I read, I can’t help finding turbulence incredibly disconcerting.

SADANAND: Next step in battle against AIDs: a good vaccine

For the last 24 years, the world has observed World AIDS Day on Dec. 1st, a day to raise awareness about AIDS and reflect on the progress made and future initiatives in fighting the disease.

SADANAND: Fighting future Frankenstorms

In the aftermath of Frankenstorm Sandy, climate change — an issue that was completely ignored in all three presidential debates — has justifiably become a national concern.

SADANAND: Soda bans worth a shot

Bipartisanship in Congress may be a pipe dream, but it is alive and well in the Big Apple thanks to an impending soda ban which […]

SADANAND: Curiosity calling Earth

The recent passing of Neil Armstrong — by all accounts, a humble man in spite of his historic accomplishment — reminded me that if time […]

SADANAND: The king of the chickens

I have a confession to make: I’ve been writing regular science columns for the News for two years now and while I’ve written on many […]

SADANAND: What the frack?

Back in January, the Obama administration blocked construction of the full Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring oil from Canada to the United States. Oh, […]