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The deal with the art

Over on Trumbull Street, south of the Peabody Museum and northwest of Timothy Dwight, lies the stoic John Slade Ely House.

Unique role for Franklin, Murray frocos

As the two new residential colleges prepare to welcome the freshman class of 2021, the planning for the inaugural freshman counselors is already underway.

Panel discusses journalism and social media

A panel discussion on the third floor of William L. Harkness Hall Tuesday night touched on the evolving roles of social media and journalism in national news.

YPU, YDA host joint debate on protest vote

On the eve of Election Day, the Yale Political Union held a joint debate with the Yale Debate Association about casting a “protest vote” to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the choice of available candidates.

At Yale, third parties sway some

As the national election approaches, third-party candidates offer a viable alternative for a subsection of Yale voters dissatisfied with both major party candidates.

YPU debuts Democracy Colloquium

The Yale Political Union held its first-ever Democracy Colloquium, a series of talks and panels featuring keynote speeches by The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and National Public Radio senior editor Ron Elving, this weekend.

Keep the art, unmatch the game

Last month, the “Match Game” exhibition opened at the John Slade Ely House for Contemporary Art. The gallery celebrates the 20 newest local and regional […]

Yale study links battery efficiency and blood

Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science professor André Taylor employed heme, a constituent of hemoglobin, as a catalyst to reduce the buildup of lithium peroxide, an oxide that covers the battery electrode and decreases efficiency of energy output. The finding aims to improve lithium-oxygen batteries, which are among the most efficient batteries ever created but lack functionality and widespread use due to oxide buildup and efficiency issues.

Libraries look to collaboration in digital era

Amid declining budgets and an increasing priorities, Yale’s library system has begun to deepen partnerships with peer institutions to address upcoming challenges.

Yale libraries adapt in digital age

Over the last decade, Yale librarians have struggled to keep the libraries relevant in students’ lives given an explosion of Internet resources just a few clicks away.

Yale holds classes during Jewish holiday

This year, as in any other year, Yale’s class schedule will not change for Rosh Hashana, and while members of Yale’s Jewish community expressed frustration […]