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The bitches lived in the shed — a dilapidated, yellowing structure in Flora Hopewell’s backyard, by the pool. Probably, it was meant for storing shovels […]

Love Lists

The July after my sophomore year of high school, I went to Kenyon College for two weeks to write in classrooms next to boys named […]

PORTRAIT: Neville Wisdom

I walked into the Neville Wisdom retail store in Westville Village, and the door beeped. Nobody was upstairs. I was alone with the culottes and […]

PORTRAIT: Shital Patel

  White light melted the black ice on the concrete outside the entrance of Chapel West Wine & Liquor. It was the morning after the […]

Logan Howard
Logan Howard
The Prisoner: Raw and Human

I had never seen the Yale Repertory Theatre stage so naked as in the moments that I waited for Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne’s “The […]

Songs and Soup

Last Tuesday morning in Langdon Hammer’s ’80 GRD ’89 lecture “Poetry since 1950,” all of the students laughed, and then they went quiet. In his […]