Roshan Sethi
Sethi: Too much meat hurts us all

As a vegetarian, I have noticed the dining halls serve exceptionally high portions of meat. For the sake of our health and the environment, we […]

Students juggle holidays, work

When Rena Traube ’09, an orthodox Jew, returned to Yale from celebrating Rosh Hashanah with her family in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was overwhelmed by the […]

Research locates hunger centers in brain

A small part of the brain, not the sin of gluttony, may be responsible for that urge to heap on another scoop of ice cream, […]

Exhibit unearths 1911 expedition

In 1911, the Yale Peruvian Expedition led by archaeologist Hiram Bingham 1898 came upon the well-preserved remains of an ancient Incan city cradled between twin […]