Rory Marsh
MARSH: China looking west

For all the talk of modernization, China is still a very insular place. Even in Beijing, it’s possible to walk for hours without seeing another […]

9/11 Reflection: Rory Marsh

I was 10 years old on 9/11. It was just another day in fifth grade — until class was interrupted for a special announcement. Nothing […]

Marsh: Budget or bust on Capitol Hill?

After weeks of infighting, the heavies in Washington have finally crafted a deal to keep the federal government in the green. Yet, for all the […]

OPINION | Looking to Canada

When 1992 presidential candidate Ross Perot depicted the potential outcome of NAFTA as a “giant sucking sound,” he had in mind a gushing of jobs […]

Marsh: Disaster déjà vu

The story is sadly familiar: A major energy company consistently ignores warnings that a key facility is unsafe. Time and again, the company chooses the […]

OPINION | Myths and ambition in France

It seems like the French are as fond as ever of a good ol’ national myth. The latest gem out of Paris goes something like […]

OPINION | Marsh: On names

This week, I received the strangest of emails from a remote connection in China. Perceiving that her childhood English nickname “little Panda” wasn’t conducive to […]

Marsh: Our white elephant stadiums

One week has passed since the big hits and excitement of Super Bowl XLV and things are back to normal at Cowboys Stadium. In other […]

OPINION | Marsh: Take a closer look at Zoellick’s policies

When the president of the World Bank comes to town, one expects there to be fireworks. Memories of the so-called Battle in Seattle still loom […]

Marsh: Fighting a misplaced fear

In the past few months, a familiar fear has grasped the American psyche: that our geopolitical dominance is being undermined by a relentless challenger. Gone […]

Marsh: War in the time of Twitter

To many observers around the world, last week’s Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia offered proof of the Internet’s potential to promote freedom. As seen two years […]