Roger Low
Small changes don’t affect Yale’s intensity

There’s a certain cheesiness inherent in a last YDN column. I don’t really see a way of avoiding it, so I’ve decided to embrace it […]

A look at history can help anti-war effort

A Republican president wins an incredibly divisive election, despite failing to win a majority of the popular vote. He enters office with a serious legitimacy […]

‘24’ is model of American psyche at its most intense

Over spring break, with a senior essay deadline looming, I bit the bullet and did the only thing I responsibly could. I watched TV. In […]

Caucus conundrum hurts politicians, people

Comedian Lewis Black, who came to Yale a few weeks ago, has this to say about our annual celebration of Christmas: “You Christians have created […]

Roe backers shouldn’t focus on Constitution

I somehow doubt that any of Yale’s pro-lifers, surely an endangered species at this university, were convinced to change their minds by Yale’s celebration of […]

Obama’s ‘Audacity’ should give U.S. hope for future of politics

On its cover, “The Audacity of Hope” doesn’t seem remarkably different from any of the other dozens of campaign biographies penned (which is to say, […]

Chaotic room-reservation system handicaps groups

The Yale administration has got to make its facilities easier for undergraduate student organizations to use. Let’s start with some good news: We live on […]

Policy, not politics, must dominate Dems’ agenda

What a difference two years make. Liberal Yalies woke up on Wednesday morning after Election Day in 2004 and went about their schedules in eerie […]

GOP Congress has more problems than just Foley

I’ve always had a soft spot for Congressman Mark Foley. You see, when I was a House page in high school in the summer of […]

Moderates’ political niches vary

If you want to understand the difference between Democrats and Republicans, consider carefully the sad tales of two moderates. Both moderates are U.S. senators, from […]

Don’t let political realities stifle idealism

The Class of 2010 has swept onto campus, their boxes, bags and anxious parents in tow. If history is any judge, they will bring to […]