Robert Nelb
Shopping can be good for (public) health

By the third day of shopping period, you may have already chosen your courses for the semester. Maybe you don’t have a clue. Either way, […]

Everyone can help in fight against AIDS

This Friday, World AIDS Day demands your attention. Twenty-five years after AIDS was first identified, we are called to reflect on the over 25 million […]

Future looks bright for health advocacy

Sometimes, public health advocates have to play politics. I normally write about local public health problems, but given the events of this past week, it […]

Univ., city must wake up to roads’ dangers

When tragedy strikes, people start listening. Within the past month, we have read on the front page of the News that both a Yale student […]

Public health is all about empowerment

Welcome to the Public Health Perspective, a new biweekly column about public health at Yale and in New Haven. (Warning: It just may change the […]

Bilateral moderation key to Univ. drinking policy

The “Bright College Years” of free-flowing alcohol seem to be numbered. Last week, Harvard University announced its stricter-than-ever tailgate regulations for The Game, and next […]

Organic doesn’t always mean low-calorie

One cannot escape a Yale dining hall without noticing the organic, sustainable and healthy food that’s offered at every meal. Not only do “chicks dig […]

Health studies should be more than do-it-yourself curriculum

Students interested in public health may have had a tough time looking for classes this year. Squeezed between psychology and religious studies, the short blurb […]

Health studies requires formal program

Open any newspaper and you’ll find a story about public health. Whether AIDS or avian flu, obesity or the uninsured, public health problems aren’t going […]