Robert Li
Li: Good night and good luck

During my childhood in the mountains of China, I would often sneak into the factory where my father worked. After a morning of hard work […]

Li: Condoning the drinking culture

I hosted a Yalie-to-be two years ago during Bulldog Days. I wasn’t a very good host — I neither showed him around nor took him […]

Li: Our foods and our culture

I rarely complain about food. But let truth be told, I’ve never been fond of the stuff served in our dining halls — except, perhaps, […]

Li: The view from the top of the mountain

Last weekend, I decided to take a break. Specifically, after spending the early part of the weekend recounting my life story thousands of times at […]

Li: Why we love the LSAT

“Hey! Long time no see! I didn’t know you were thinking about going to law school!” “Wow, I didn’t know you were taking the LSAT […]

Li: Waste of time, but I’ll be there

The clock strikes 7:20. Having sat impatiently through a presentation featuring the rules of a logic game invented by the fun-loving folks called consultants, a […]

Li: Uncommon, nonsensical solutions

Correction appended It was the winter of 1950 in the Korean Peninsula. General Oliver Smith, watching his 1st Marine Division being crushed by the superior […]

Li: Where’s the exchange?

Since the launch of Yale-Peking University program, the Yale Club of Beijing has enthusiastically listed this initiative as the first item in the “Exchange” section […]

Li: No wings, but I’ve had my flight

When I wrote on my application to Yale that I intended to major in theater studies, I didn’t foresee that that would make me a […]

Li: Yale’s unanswered corporate call

I find Sleeping Giant, a 15-minute drive away in Hamden, much more fascinating than East Rock. Besides the gorgeous New England foliage in October, the […]

Li: Quotas still hurt U.S.

A couple of weeks ago, during job interview season, I was having lunch with a few friends in Commons. My phone rang. An unanticipated blessing […]