River Clegg
CLEGG: Be yourself, and other clichés

The movie “Billy Madison” is probably the best movie ever made. Here’s what it’s about: Adam Sandler plays Billy, the privileged idiot son of a […]

Clegg: The end of education

As I sat in my final class as a Yale undergrad last Thursday, I had one of my increasingly frequent epiphanies of terror: I am […]

Clegg: Advice for 2015, courtesy of 2011

Hi future Yalies! Welcome to Bulldog Days — I hope you’re enjoying Yale so far. I confess, I’m writing this with a tear in one […]

Clegg: My Darwinian nightmare

Hi everyone. My senior thesis is due in a few days, and I’ve got to get back to work on it. This means two things. […]

OPINION | An open letter to Maggie Gallagher ’82

Dear Ms. Gallagher, Don’t toy with me. I need to know if it was actually you who commented on my recent op-ed for the News. […]

Clegg: All in the family

On Tuesday I had the privilege to listen to a speech delivered by Glenn Stanton, director of Focus on the Family, in favor of abolishing […]

Clegg: Give Watson tenure

If you’re anything like me, you fear the show Jeopardy. Its fans frighten me. Hang out with one of them sometime while the show’s on. […]

OPINION | Clegg: A scientific look at New Haven and the pizza options available therein

Too often, when I tell people that I go to Yale, they say something like “Oh, you don’t mind New Haven?” or “That’s too bad […]

Clegg: It’s time for an Egyptian Tea Party

Congratulations, Egypt! I see you’ve learned a thing or two from my example. By “my example,” I’m taking about my group. Yes, I’m a proud […]

Clegg: Amy Chua doesn’t go far enough

Recently, a much-criticized op-ed by Yale Law professor Amy Chua ran in the Wall Street Journal. I’ve read most of this piece. Now admittedly I […]

Clegg: How to be a Consultant

The rejection letter starts with the words “Thank you for submitting your resume …” It takes just a few more words — often with adjectives […]