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Blurbs: WKND’s Favorite Childhood Books

When I was four years old, I memorized Ludwig Bemelmans’ “Madeline.” I could recite it cover-to-cover, and I did, for any adult who would listen. […]

Soundtracks Shaping Lives

Mars Adams: The first time I heard “Boys Will Be Bugs”, I was seventeen years old, listening to Spotify on shuffle in the dead of […]

“Shang-Chi” from a Chinese-American point of view

When I first watched the trailer for “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” I remember being excited, but also the slightest bit afraid. […]

Finding Yourself in a Campus Larger than Life

The very first time I visited Yale, it filled me with a sense of wonder. It left me thinking things like, “Wow, I can’t wait […]

Anasthasia Shilov
Home Inside a Home

After leaving behind the comfortable familiarity of my suitemates and Yale’s dorms and coming back home where I don’t even leave the house all that […]

Inside the Bulldog Ballot Challenge: How YBC got 100% of eligible student-athletes registered to vote

The Bulldog Ballot Challenge has succeeded in getting 100 percent of eligible Yale student-athletes and coaches to register to vote. The challenge was spearheaded by […]