Kajani: Make hockey games more accessible to students

Being the fan of one of the best hockey teams in the country is pretty awesome. Being a student at Yale University is also pretty awesome. But combining the two and being a student and fan of your school’s elite Division I men’s hockey team is sublime. Having a truly great sports team is something […]

Kajani: A new buzz in LA: the Clippers

There’s a show in Los Angeles that everybody is talking about. People everywhere are buzzing about it, making plans to try and catch a glimpse of something they’ve never seen before. They all rush to their seats in anticipation, not quite knowing what to expect but knowing that what they are about to see is […]

Kajani: NHL is spicing things up

All-star games are one of the many fun traditions of modern professional sports. The idea is pretty simple: Take all of the best players in the sport, divide them up into two teams based on conference/league affiliation and have them participate in a game that usually has no stakes or bearing on the rest of […]

Kajani: Enjoy them while you still can

Life for the American sports fan is great. The NHL season has just begun, the most anticipated NBA season in years is starting to pick up steam, the NFL season is in full stride, and we’ve just witnessed baseball at its finest with the World Series. It’s hard to imagine things being any different around […]

Kajani: Speed up baseball…please

It’s that time of the year again: the regular season is over, the playoffs are beginning and baseball is at it’s finest. But for some reason, I couldn’t care less. Baseball is a sport that’s going through a relatively rough patch. Fresh off of the Mitchell Report and the steroids era, baseball is in dire […]