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Language affects value assigned to objects

A new Yale neuroscience research study sheds light on just how much of an effect language can have on the value people assign to certain goods.

City job rates rise amid state declines

Reversing a trend of growing job rates, the state lost a total of 3,700 jobs in February, according to a survey conducted by the Connecticut Department of Labor. Amid that decline, New Haven’s job rates grew.

Yalies launch new social media app

For Yalies wondering where their friends are when posting on social media, a new application may provide an answer.

In decisions, assigning responsibility is about more than the outcome

People give others credit for the outcomes of their decisions only if the decision itself was rational, a new Yale study has found.

Applications to Yale Summer Session abroad programs fall

Applications to Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad fell this year, and 15 out of 33 are under-enrolled as of the initial Feb. 15 deadline.

Hospitals should adopt uniform brain death standards, article argues

In a recent article in “Current Opinion in Critical Care,” which Greer co-authored with Shivani Ghoshal, a resident at the Yale School of Medicine, the authors reviewed four studies investigating differences in brain death declaration.

Self-esteem tied to aggression in male teens

A new Yale study may help psychologists deal with aggression among high-risk male youths.