Phoebe Kimmelman
SOM raises tuition, in line with peers

Amidst a nationwide trend of rising business school tuitions, the School of Management will increase its tuition for next year.

Yale-NUS students question campus safety

Yale-NUS President Pericles Lewis said he cannot recall any major security issues on the Singapore campus.

One year later, SOM grading changes garner conflicting responses

One year after the School of Management announced controversial changes to its grading policy, students have mixed opinions on the new conventions, which took effect this past fall.

SOM students find success with Wall Street recruiting

A record number of students at the School of Management were successful in obtaining job offers on Wall Street this year, despite the competitive nature of the finance industry’s recruiting process.

YLS alters grading policies

In the wake of an announcement on new grading policies, Yale Law School students and faculty expressed mixed views on the school’s unorthodox system of grading.

Yale-NUS, Yale students compare notes on organizations

Nineteen Yale-NUS students traded in 90-degree weather for New Haven’s bitter chill, at Yale for a week to compare life at the University to operations at their fledgling college in Singapore.

Judges more conservative than lawyers, study finds

A new study on judges’ and lawyers’ political preferences may hold important implications for law students who want to sit on the bench.

SOM, FES to collaborate on Global Network projects

For the first time, the School of Management’s global commitment is expanding to another school within Yale — the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

SOM looks to expand tech resources

In an effort to enhance technological opportunities for learning and teaching, the School of Management has decided to create a new position: Manager of Instructional Technology Solutions and Design.

Law students, professors call for more rape law coursework

As rape law is phased out of law school curricula across the country, professors and students at Harvard and Yale’s law schools are advocating to keep the uncomfortable but important topic in classrooms.

Business school rankings malpractice sparks questions on process, value

Business schools, it seems, will go to great ends just to climb the rankings.