Peter Lu
LU: Off campus, online

“Yo dawg, how’s it going?” These days, that’s how it always begins. After a few seconds of “John is typing …” he’ll respond, “nm homie, […]

9/11 Reflection: Peter Lu

During sleety winters at Yale, I liked to imagine that back in California, the skies were perpetually blue. The day the towers fell, the skies […]

Lu: Breaking the habit

There was a time when I hated writing. Every Saturday when I was 10, my father would open National Geographic, flip to the cover story […]

Lu: Four years of psychology

My senior year of high school, a psychologist contacted my family. She was studying relationships between Asian-American children and their parents, and asked if we […]

Chen, Jetha, Lapinig, Lu, Saadi, Wong: Title IX’s resonances for race

As recent graduates and current students at Yale, we urge the University to seize the impending Title IX investigation as an opportunity to re-evaluate how […]

Lu: At Yale, expect to surprise yourself

I had a great opinion article all lined up for Bulldog Days, I swear. It was about my experience as a prefrosh, clutching a big […]

Lu: Vitamin soup for the soul

A little over three and a half years ago, I gave up soda. I was in front of the drink dispensers in Berkeley and, when […]

Lu: A not-so-sweet shoppe

At 7:59 p.m. on a Monday night in September, a nondescript girl with black leggings and a striped gray top walks into Durfee’s Sweet Shoppe. […]

Lu: Partying, partying…­ yeah?

During Mardi Gras, the streets of the French Quarter froth with a Four Loko-, daiquiri- and Hurricane-fueled revelry. Purple, green and silver beads fly upwards […]

Lu: Driftwood

Watch the chalk draw. It teases out parallel ovals, the powder swoons. It is a blunt dagger. * In his mind he sees an abandoned […]

Lu: Get your flow on

It’s 7:30 p.m. Monday, and I’m jogging to Payne Whitney, wrestling with a nervous breakdown because our C-hoops squad is playing Trumbull. They’re 8–0 and […]