Peter Johnston
Johnston: Holding off nature

As an undergraduate, I remember being rather proud that Yale did not have snow days. Ensconced with suitemates, I could dutifully gripe that the annual […]

Johnston: Continuing to fight

“Holding, as they do, that slavery is morally right, and socially elevating, they cannot cease to demand a full national recognition of it, as a […]

Newly beyond the gates of Yale …

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Johnston: The logical extension of the first step

To allow optional gender-neutral housing to all upperclassmen is to adopt a logic whose final outcome will be mandatory gender-integrated housing for freshmen. Sure, the […]

Johnston: Sex-selective abortion is sexist

The Oklahoma House voted yesterday to ban sex-selective abortion, opening the next front in the legal war over abortion. If passed by the Oklahoma Senate […]

Johnston: Athletics are a form of education

The critic of varsity sports alleges that sports detract from the educational project of the University. Recruits get into Yale at a lower academic standard, […]

Johnston: Market as important as ever

The vulgar right prophesies socialism ascendant, but its hyperventilated ranting is the scrap of a wholly different national transformation. The triumph of the market is […]

Johnston: Against difficult odds

WASHINGTON In perusing President Barack Obama’s speeches before yesterday, one might have expected him to use the occasion of his inaugural address for rhetorical flair, […]

Johnston: Traveling with Petrarch’s music

The crass materialization of Christmas has long been a hobbyhorse of the critics of American culture. Their concern is valid, as far as it goes. […]

Johnston: The YPMB, vulgar? Hardly

The only effective limitation on speech is cultural expectation. That is to say, decency is a matter of prejudice rather than law. But American society […]

Johnston: Less prestige for more success

The ideologue is unwilling to reconsider his fundamental premises when they no longer explain his experience. The ideologue is therefore directly opposed to the philosopher, […]