Don’t be scared, baseball fans: It’s Yale, but root on

Last Monday night, I gave up on the library and got back to my room around 9:30 during the seventh inning. Never mind that I hadn’t done any work — there was baseball to watch. Before leaving, I text messaged one of my suitemates to make sure the game was on TV. I should have […]

Intramurals often match varsity furor

“It was a scary, rude awakening. I thought reffing IMs would be a laid-back role, that I’d have some fun. Instead, people were yelling at me — yelling, and cursing.” I first heard about the game from one of the referees, a friend of mine. Returning from the fields where he had been refereeing IM […]

Even more than the game, drugs destroy athletes

Last week I had to write a paper for Introduction to Psychology about mind-enhancers, drugs currently in development that would help brains work more quickly and more sharply, effectively making users smarter. I wondered if such drugs might help me finish the assignment. In our papers we were asked to explain the benefits and risks […]