Pete Martin
Roger and Andy, I envy you. (Well, at least a tiny bit.)

There’s a great soap opera story unfolding this week. It’s got friendship and betrayal, crime and lies, and now even spouses are involved. It’s being […]

I’m not the columnist I used to be

If you read my columns in this paper, you might be surprised to find out I’ve been doing this for a long time. But I […]

Stop the lying — in baseball, in D.C. and elsewhere

I won’t make generalizations about “my generation,” so let me speak for myself. I have learned not to trust authority figures, at least those on […]

Listen up sports fans, America needs your help

It’s a new year, but we’re all up to old stuff. Really, what’s changed? Take a look around and see whether you can spot the […]

Given Yale’s race issues, return of Imus is relevant

A slur, an apology, a termination, a hiatus and a return. Don Imus’ fall eight months ago was as fast as he was popular. And […]

Sports are worth the roller-coaster ups and downs

From where we were in the stands, it was unclear what had happened. But the scoreboard made it clear. One drive in, the Bulldogs were […]

The confessions of a true college sports columnist

I have a secret: I’m not much of a sports fan. I haven’t told my editors, so I hope this doesn’t come as a shock […]

Poker’s a sport (I said it), but where can I play at Yale?

  For this column, I am invoking the fifth rule of 21st-century sports coverage: If ESPN covers it, it’s a sport. Next week, I may […]

Yale’s not the first to try expansion: look at pro sports

Bigger and better is the story — at least from the administration. I say, whatever. Monday’s edition of the News featured three above-the-fold stories on […]

Penn’s crowd left something to be desired

The clock hit zero, and the sky began to darken. Objects flew all around me — obscuring my field of vision — and the mob […]

Pick-up sports don’t end after fourth grade

My elementary school had a yard behind it — a field of cement squeezed into the city between high-rise apartment buildings. It was confined to […]