Pete Martin
Martin: A day that belongs to all

Seven years ago today? No one in my family died. My home wasn’t destroyed. Nothing happened to me. Others weren’t so lucky. There was a […]

A super summer of new records

There was a time when the world was normal. When people and things and events existed in regular shapes, sizes and manners. No more. Sports […]

My year at YDN: Did someone say penile frostbite?

We’re at the end of the year, and I’m at the end of my time in this space. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had […]

Needed relief found on the fringes of sport

This has been a tough year for Yale. In trying times, sports are enjoyable entertainment and valuable diversions. And the lighter side of sports is […]

Stadiums host football, baseball and the Pope

See the Pope at second base! No joke, the Yankee Stadium crowd and millions watching on TV will get to see his Holiness take the […]

Before Olympics, Yale should put pressure on China

With the world scheduled to arrive in Beijing for the Olympics in a few months, China’s abuses of human rights cannot go ignored. Other countries […]

What stats can’t tell us about baseball or life

As Yale accepted another class of students this week, I thought back to when I was an applicant, and to my college essay. I remembered […]

Sports as usual:sex, scandal and March Madness

My governor resigned over spring break after The New York Times revealed that he had slept with a prostitute. Within days, his replacement admitted to […]

Forget NYC and Boston: Root for the home team

New Haven is no man’s land — a misnomer, maybe, but still the best term we have for a city caught in the middle of […]

Unexpected bond sprang from Mets, father’s coaching

When I was five or six and it was time to learn to ride my bicycle without training wheels, my grandfather held the seat of […]

You may not feel it right now, but spring is in the air

Two years ago this week, a neighbor stopped me on our block and pulled out a piece of paper, on which was printed a quotation: […]