Pamela Shen
Events set to observe Roe

Yale’s Reproductive Rights Action League has planned a series of events this week to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court […]

Foreign students face admissions hassles

For most American students, the SAT takes three hours and 45 minutes out of a Saturday — painful, but not nearly as painful as the […]

University goes all out for decadent holiday dinners

Amidst the trumpeters, eggnog and gingerbread houses, the doors decorated as presents, melons carved into the shape of birds and breads from all around the […]

Students write blogs for budding Bulldogs

Last winter, Reny Diaz ’08 described a typical day at Yale. “Anyways, I’ve spent the day marveling at the amount of fellowships and internships available […]

High self-help cuts into wage increase

In an effort to keep on-campus jobs competitive and accommodate the increasing cost of attending Yale, the University increased Yale’s student minimum wage this year […]

Slavery complicates University’s history

In one of the stained-glass windows in the Calhoun College dining hall, a black man and woman walk through a field, baskets of produce on […]

Sororities appeal to cultural heritage

Rebecca Fabbro ’09 may have a Jewish first name and belong to a Jewish sorority, but she is not a Jew. Growing up in the […]

Journalism program may increase offerings

In order to accommodate the high demand for the oversubscribed journalism seminar of Steven Brill ’72 LAW ’75, the English Department is considering hiring a […]

E-payments set to supplant paper bills

  Beginning next month, the University will stop mailing students paper copies of bills to their homes and continue to send monthly financial statements only […]

Chloride imbalance may cause hearing loss

  Two years ago, political commentator Rush Limbaugh dismissed in his blog the importance of School of Medicine surgery and neurobiology professor Joseph Santos-Sacchi’s in […]

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When asked whether he feels more Afghan or more American, Hyder Akbar ’07 would rather skirt the question. “My identity itself isn’t intrinsically interesting; it’s […]