Olivia Ciacci
How to survive the stars this April

Aries “Some say love, it is a river –” but if you haven’t even stepped in a puddle or two, it’s your own damn fault. […]

Horoscopes for the New Year

In this post, the cosmic guidance from horoscopes is like a glimpse into the mystical realm, offering intriguing insights into the intricate tapestry of our […]


Online horoscopes quoted from: http://horoscopes.astrology.com/dailyscorpio.html Aries You may have been stuck in a rut lately. In which case it’s time to try something new, because […]

Nov.: Even your lucky stars can’t take you far

The stars consulted astroabby.com for some of this month’s horoscopes. Aries Physical activity is good for Fire Signs, supposedly facilitating awareness and understanding. So watch […]

How to Survive the Stars: September

This month’s horoscopes found astrological tutelage in the universe of the Internet. I expanded on them. A little. http://www.horoscopes.astrology.com “Popularity never hurt anyone in your […]

No Communications major? No thanks, Yale.

We were watching the NCAA tournament when we happened to notice that (surprisingly) the majors of most of the players were stuff like communications, marketing […]

How to Survive the Stars

Aries The stars can see that the April snowstorms depressed you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go see ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ every […]

How to Survive the Stars: February

Aries You tend to attract others and choose your loves by sight and their mental qualities. At Yale, these two qualities are often found best […]


“Sometimes it’s best not to avoid the God-awful truth and just –“ Louisa James was not pausing from her work as she frankly uttered the […]


By Olivia Ciacci Our resident Miss Cleo Aries Whoa there, cowboy, don’t lose your grip on that saddle-of-sanity just yet — you’ve got a whole […]

Best of New Haven: coffee

Without consulting the authorities, three sojourners in the search for darn good coffee assembled to judge the brews at Atticus, Koffee Too?, and The Book […]