Nora Moses
Hamlet: A Shakespearean staple retold

In the recent undergraduate production of “Hamlet,” director Sam Bezilla focused on comedic moments within the text and the overall family drama in the script.

Annual Ivy Muslim Conference encourages connection and spirituality

The conference drew attendees from across the Northeast to discuss what it means to be a Muslim student, how to connect to one’s faith in a university setting and how to deal with current issues affecting Muslims across the globe.

‘A pretty standard conservative speech’: Ben Carson talks education, American history, Christianity

In a lecture sponsored by the Buckley Institute and Young America’s Foundation, retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ’73 shared his thoughts on the declining state of American education and values.

Slifka unveils winning sukkah from design competition

The new sukkah was created for an architectural design contest and was used this past week to celebrate Sukkot.

Buckley Institute launches podcast, features Mick Mulvaney in first episode

The conservative institute, which touts “freedom of speech” and “intellectual diversity” as its goals, has created a podcast to discuss current issues and explain its ideology.