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In elementary school, I walked to school with a group of kids in my neighborhood. A different parent accompanied us each day of the week. […]

Ivory Fu
“Songs for a Pseudonym”

Louis DeFelice ’19’s apartment is wired like an underground concert venue. Cables connect a series of speakers to each other, a keyboard and a record […]

Bachelor Party

On the first Monday of spring break, six people sat on the floor of my grandmother’s apartment in Queens to watch Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old […]

Beyond “The Talk”

My high school was nothing like the one in Netflix’s breakout show “Sex Education,” and I doubt yours was either. Their clothing is nicer, their […]

Red Cups, Laundry Machines and the FBI

The font in “The Incendiaries” by R.O. Kwon is just short of recognizable. It’s spindlier and taller than most, and the lines are spaced far […]