Noah Lawrence
Shower e-mail did not merit media frenzy

Apparently, Yale is enmeshed in scandal. You wouldn’t know from the usual mix of problem sets and friendly dining hall lunches, but the Associated Press […]

Time’s pick illustrates America’s paradox

With its pop graphics and tales of suburbia, Time magazine is the Andrew Lloyd Webber of journalism. The New York Times and The New Yorker […]

Yale can help its students avoid burnout

In my last column, I examined how in college, pressure to achieve, win and build a career increasingly eclipses time to think, wonder and build […]

Hard work need not overwhelm college life

The proverbs of Yale’s past are eerily disconnected from the Yale of the present. “The thing that we call living isn’t gold or fame at […]

Ditching EA doesn’t fix the real issues

In 1979, archaeologists in Crete discovered a teenager’s skeleton, sacrificed about four millennia ago, limbs bound up like a bull’s. One wonders what future generations […]

Yale should open dialogue on new colleges

Yale’s new residential colleges are like a rumored baseball trade: There is still no official word, but every soft sign suggests a decision is all […]

New year is about acknowledging fallibility

Yom Kippur is as old as the Bible and as modern as apologizing to our friends. On this “Day of Atonement,” Jews repent for mean […]

Spoon-fed indignation mars protest music

When I heard Neil Young’s new protest album, “Living with War,” I had a creeping suspicion: This art is not good art. From so venerable […]

Contentious debates must remain civil

An opinion piece in Friday’s News accused me of a “racist worldview.” I was singled out by name. Opening up the morning’s paper, I discovered […]

Conflicting clash styles fuel Mideast war

I knew Israel was in real trouble this summer when I read in The New York Times that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on television: […]

Disney’s ‘Pooh’ choice echoes political truth

In Disney’s new Winnie the Pooh television show, “My Friends Tigger and Pooh,” set to debut next year, Christopher Robin will be replaced with a […]