Noah Lawrence
Nearby HGS offers best location for new colleges

I did not fully understand how two new residential colleges behind the Grove Street Cemetery would transform life at Yale until I saw this article […]

Real beauty of Bass extends beyond its luxury

If Halo 3 included a level where you go to Starbucks, it would look like the Bass Library Cafe. Every part of the room bears […]

Sukkot a celebration of life’s impermanence

Sukkot is a little kid’s dream. For the week-long Jewish holiday, which starts tonight and whose name means “huts,” Jewish families build rustic, temporary huts […]

Israel experience offers new take on humanity

This is usually illegal,” my Israeli cab driver said in Hebrew as we swung left onto an enormous, mostly deserted Jerusalem boulevard. “But it’s four […]

Despite popular belief, eating alone is OK

Freshman orientation lectures are like macaroni and cheese in the dining hall. They are hard to do well, but harder to do horribly. They leave […]

Overplanning Yale years can spoil them

The first month of freshman fall gives an awfully skewed view of college. One of college’s sweetest joys is that no matter what challenges come […]

Business world has forgotten humanity

No wonder we 20-somethings are so harrowed in finding jobs. Look how hard it is for 50-somethings. Forty-five partners were fired or demoted recently at […]

Vonnegut’s work asks us to make a crucial choice

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. would not want us to miss him. “I am going to sue the … manufacturers of Pall Mall cigarettes, for a billion […]

Passover reminds us of continual exodus

Three millennia ago, the Jews stood at the Jordan River’s banks, about to return to the Promised Land. They must have been as scared and […]

Hanson inspires nostalgia, reflections on life’s progress

There is a time in the life of every boy when he for the first time takes the backward view of life,” Sherwood Anderson wrote […]

Expansion issue calls for open mind

Here is one way to examine whether Yale should build two new residential colleges — a question that has taken center stage recently, with President […]