Noah Lawrence
Lawrence: Songs of time and change

Now at the end of my time at Yale, I’ve thought back to a lunch in Venice I enjoyed with friends in the Yale Glee […]

Lawrence: Essay

When the Saybrook fire alarm blared at 8:15 a.m. last Thursday, I did not remember, at first, that it was September 11th. The reason was […]

When Camp Yale became Facebook in the flesh

When did meeting real people become Facebook in the flesh? A freshman orientation program called “Facebook in the Flesh” actually took place at NYU last […]

At Yale, take risks, discover passions yet unknown

What makes Bulldog Days in April and Camp Yale in September fascinating is that, in every way, they encapsulate the Yale experience: not only its […]

Baby-naming time for the (residential-college) twins

Yale officials deserve praise for their commitment not to name the two proposed residential colleges for rich donors. Now, the question is whom the colleges […]

After Purim, a search for meaning in mayhem

“Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous,” my family’s rabbi likes to say. The Jewish festival of Purim, which took place this past weekend, brings […]

Overcome hate with spirit, thought and love

What are we to make of hateful, bigoted acts that occur in a loving, diverse community? How should we respond? The swastika and SS insignia […]

As Doodle departs from town, so will we

How many of us miss the Yankee Doodle Coffee Shop even though we never went there? I have eaten just three meals at the Doodle. […]

Altruism sets Obama above hawkish Clintons

Our world offers public prominence to far too few people who live by sincerity and big-heartedness. Trying to defy these odds can leave one flummoxed, […]

From parties to political parties, hopin’ ain’t easy

Barack Obama does the near-impossible: He makes hope cool. One myth following Iowa’s caucuses is that Obama’s fandom arises from a visceral human attraction to […]

Swiftness of Thanksgiving glorifies the here and now

Not until college did I realize how radical Thanksgiving is. I always loved it, but now Thanksgiving is a different holiday. When we were little […]