Noah Cohan
The name game with God and Boumtje

Last week my uncle emailed to say he was changing his name and needed suggestions. After living for 38 years with a unpronounceable Swedish name, […]

Quick Slants: NFL season ends with a poetic flourish

Now is the spring of our discontent Made agonizing summer by the mini-camps of June; And all the stories that loured upon our league In […]

Quick Slants: Game finally lives up to its Super bill

Wow. Everyone, myself above all, thought that Super Bowl XXXVI would be one of the NFL’s worst championship games. Instead, it was not only the […]

Patriots can’t win in Super Dome, Bowl

It’s finally here. The game we’ve all been waiting for. The single greatest spectacle in American sports. The triumphant culmination of the NFL’s long and […]

Quick Slants: Pats’ unlikely hero sheds tears of joy

Unbelievable. Incredible. Amazing. What more can you say about the Patriots’ effort on Sunday? The NFL’s greatest story just kept on getting better, as the […]

Quick Slants: ‘Burgh and Philly on cusp of Civil War

And then there were four — Four teams, two of which will step onto America’s greatest sporting stage. In pro football, the only thing better […]

Quick slants: A cautious Gruden makes wrong call

Jon Gruden, I thought I knew you. Granted, the refs made a terrible call, but is that any reason to go conservative? Of all the […]

Quick slants: Playoffs repeat same old themes

Ah, the beauty of the NFL playoffs. When it comes to the postseason, pro football has it figured out. Twelve teams vie for Vince’s trophy, […]

Quick Slants: 49ers are the team to beat come playoffs

As Yale students take their finals and prepare to go home for the holidays, I have one piece of advice. Watch the NFL. While college […]

Quick Slants: J-E-T-S — Giants, Giants, Giants

The New York Jets were going to do it again. Up 13-0 on the resurgent New England Patriots at the half, it looked like the […]

Quick Slants: Turkey Day pastimes

Any holiday that requires John Madden to provide a six-legged turkey for the players of the game has to be good. And this year’s contests, […]