Niyati Gupta
Group raises local awareness of global poverty

Many Yale students do not hesitate to throw away half-eaten portions of dining hall meals, not realizing they are part of the privileged one-third of […]

Homeless advocacy group makes trip to City Hall

Members of Respect Line say they are tired of being ignored. In hopes of getting New Haven to take notice of the homeless, the advocacy […]

Smoke-free season for basketball

It is difficult to ignore the beaming smiles of 14 basketball players casually leaning against the bleachers. They could easily be mistaken for Abercrombie & […]

SNAPS helps disabled students

Sabrina Sadique ’04 didn’t go to any of her sections last fall, but unlike many Yale students, she actually wanted to attend. She had to […]

Grads stay on in New Haven

The first impulse most Yalies have upon graduating is to get out of New Haven, but a few committed students plan to stick around and […]

After unionizing, bus drivers worried

New Haven students may have April vacation this week, but it has been no holiday for some of their bus drivers. On April 12, bus […]

W. golf places 4th at Lady Duke invite

Five members of the women’s golf team rode down to Harrisonburg, Va. last weekend to play in the Lady Dukes Invitational. And for the second […]

Mural dedicated at La Casa Cultural

Tucked away in an alleyway on Crown Street there is an unexpected sight — a colorful mural portraying a pyramid of people against a background […]

Architecture students compete to design New Haven housing project

Tense anticipation filled the air of the fourth-floor room in the Art & Architecture Building yesterday as students in the Yale School of Architecture awaited […]

EPH welcomes panel on AIDS in South Asia

The spread of AIDS in Africa and the United States often gets a lot of attention, but the focus shifted to AIDS in India at […]

Organizers plan activities for MLK Day

Monday, Yale students will have the day off from classes for Martin Luther King Jr. Day for the first time, but organizers said the holiday […]