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Headstone to honor alum in unmarked grave

Only one African-American performing artist was sent to World War I France as part of the Proctor Party, a small group of black women who provided services ranging from catering to entertainment for 100,000 troops from the American Expeditionary Forces. But today, she lies in an unmarked grave in New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery. Elizabeth Foxwell, staff editor at the Catholic Historical Review, is looking to change this.

Amnesty director talks campaign

Margaret Huang, interim executive director of Amnesty International USA, spoke Thursday about Amnesty International’s key campaigns for the next four years: police accountability and gun violence, refugee rights and protection for human rights activists.

Refugee figurines to flood campus

More than 500 miniature refugee figurines will be displayed across campus on Thursday as part of a public art installation to raise awareness about the European migrant crisis.

Language diversity, offerings increase

New Haven educational programs have expanded their offerings to accommodate an increase in students who do not speak English as their first language.

State-wide quality of life survey completed

DataHaven, a New Haven based nonprofit data analytics group, completed their largest neighborhood-level well-being survey of Connecticut last Monday. The analysis of these findings is […]

State grant to grow home ownership

New Haven residents may soon play a larger role promoting home ownership in their neighborhoods, as part of phase II of the Neighborhood Renewal Program, […]

Harp praises Elm City tap water

South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority, a nonprofit organization that supplies water to Greater New Haven, has called on Elm City residents to drink tap water in lieu of bottled water as a way to eliminate plastic waste.

Auras may not protect epileptic drivers

A new Yale co-authored study suggests that experiencing warning signs before seizures may not contribute to an epileptic individual’s driving safety.

Weight loss linked to sleep quality

On a restless night, some tossers and turners may try to count sheep or drink warm milk in order to lull themselves to sleep. But according to a new study, losing weight can now be added to the list of effective insomnia remedies.

RAYAPATI: The intimacy of silence

As the incoming freshman classes have become increasingly heterogeneous, the Camp Yale initiatives used to commemorate this diversity have improved as well.