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AMANCHARLA: Stuck in the weeds

Listening to some peppy Bollywood bops, I crunched through a sea of gold leaves as I headed to my first class at Yale. But as […]

AMANCHARLA: Photoshopped lives

It was a Thursday night. Sprawled across the rug in my common room with the warm, yellow curtain lights — my friend and I were […]

AMANCHARLA: Deafening silence

“Okay everyone, step back, it’s time to take her body away.” The voice was distant over Skype. My father, uncle and I huddled around the […]

AMANCHARLA: The Last Durfee’s Run

I think we all remember what we were doing the day before we left Yale. I was on a Durfee’s run with my friends, saying […]

AMANCHARLA: In need of the essentials

Every day during this pandemic, I never cease to be amazed at how quickly and how drastically health care is being revolutionized. However, despite so […]

AMANCHARLA: The pre-med plague

Currently, my schedule in quarantine involves reading heartbreaking stories about COVID-19 and then switching to Instagram, seeing another pre-med having a party at the few […]