Niko Bowie
Program quality suffers when TV writers are alienated

For fans of The Office, the biggest story of the next two months might not be whether Jim and Pam stay together, but whether the […]

By refusing card checks, hospital defies democracy

Imagine it’s election season, but before registering to vote, you first have to vote for your right to register. That is, instead of being able […]

Journalists satisfy sensation-driven populace

It surprises me a little that the Yale Daily News still doesn’t have a daily gossip section — a full spread of who hooked up […]

Crimson missed real career-disparity story

Last spring, the Harvard Crimson surveyed the university’s graduating seniors and recorded that an astonishing 58 percent of men and 43 percent of women entering […]

Trip through heartland flips race stereotypes

As I walked by myself down Elm Street last week, I looked up and saw three large men in caps and baggy clothing turn the […]

SAT is irrelevant as criterion for admission

Unlike in “ATM,” “RSVP” and “PB&J,” the letters in “SAT” do not stand for anything. The College Board may have changed the name from “Scholastic […]

‘Self-segregation’ myth affects all groups

Self-segregation, as alleged by Friday’s News’ View editorial (“Self-segregation thwarts campus unity”), is a myth. Let me put my biases up front: I am one […]

Satirists vulnerable to dissection of work

Last year, when the Asian American Students Association led a student protest against the Rumpus and the Yale Herald for jokes and material AASA regarded […]

Americans lack right to vote

In light of the recent election, I thought I would write a quick quiz for all you lawyer-types out there: Which constitutional amendment guarantees American […]