Niko Bowie
Bowie: Coming together slowly

Even before Barack Obama was elected president, there was an open question of whether the 2008 election would have an immediate positive impact on race […]

Bowie: Time to fight a new prejudice

Historians will likely attribute George W. Bush’s successful 2004 reelection campaign at least in part to anti-Muslim fear after September 11. But might they also […]

Bowie: Yale’s quest advanced

Perhaps it should be expected of a gray city like New Haven that many of its buildings were constructed during a depression. While people across […]

Bowie: Flaunting the SAT fetish

Some people are turned on by whips and leather. And as I learned from last Thursday’s News’ View (“Yale should keep the SAT — but […]

Bowie: Redistribute Credit/D/F

The opening pages of the Blue Book offer many undergraduates a reminder of their impending doom: the science requirement. Recently, the News has hosted a […]

‘Self-segregation’ myth affects all societies

Wednesday night was Pre-tap, but I’m a little hesitant to write about the group I recently joined. I know, we’re not supposed to talk about […]

Rankings fever obfuscates value of a Yale education

Tomorrow, some of the most important questions many of us face as Yale undergraduates will be answered when U.S. News & World Report releases its […]

In ’08 spectacle, the Super Bowl meets its match

CNN may equal politics, but what if had to face competition from none other than the Worldwide Leader in Sports? Imagine: Rather than sticking to […]

Commercial value commands music industry

It’s always a startling experience, but I can’t hear more than a few notes of the Nelly Furtado song “Promiscuous Girl” before I am instantly […]

Hillary: An ideal of masculine hegemony

Thanks in large part to President Bush, the job description for president might read, “Wanted: hyper-masculine warrior who can aggressively protect the homeland from evildoers […]

Candidates held accountable at grassroots

In a well-publicized interview last week, Sen. Hillary Clinton contrasted the presidential experience of Lyndon Johnson with the message of change articulated by Dr. Martin […]