Nicole Lim
No boyfriend and the Valentine’s Day blues

As you read this on Friday, thousands of doting couples will have already ceremoniously defiled my birthday with mushy love letters and hoards of chocolate. […]

Don’t judge me because I’m a Kappa girl

It’s Nicole — It’s Nicole — It’s Nicole that makes the world go ’round — Those are the words I hope to hear this Friday […]

Returning from a Hawaiian Christmas break

Four hours into the red-eye flight from Hawaii, I stared incredulously at the grandiose claim on the seat phone: “Up to 5 more inches of […]

Think Yale is boring? Grad life is even worse

I put in my best performance ever on the Greyhound Bus back from Boston. To discourage the oncoming passengers from sitting next to me, I […]

A radical ride through the ‘Disposable Decade’

As I was battling the wind (and invariably losing) on the way to Commons, I caught a glimpse of brightly colored posters for the Safety […]

Declining a ride on the Red Hot Pony Express

After my weekly dosage of Dawson’s Creek, I took Mr. Leery’s advice to “Seize this opportunity. Seize this. It’ll be gone in a moment” and […]

To my parents: I love you (it only took 18 years!)

After the excitement of the Tercentennial, Parents’ Weekend seems a lackluster second act, even though every marginally artistic group is performing. But for the lucky […]

Yale campus unifies after tragedy disturbs normalcy

American flags sway in the breeze, patriotic anthems ring through the night and forwards of prayers flood e-mail boxes. Usually, this show of unabashed nationalism […]

How was my summer? Oh, where do I begin…

As a mighty sophomore I thought I had outgrown the routine three questions (name, college, hometown), but they had merely been replaced by one equally […]

Aloha and aloha to my freshman year at Yale

While 800 prefrosh, conspicuously clad in blue Yale sweatshirts paraded around campus, I was stuck in my room. As the next generation just finished getting […]

Reflections on halcyon Bulldog Day antics

Determined to get a head start, I am trying to think a topic to fulfill the 10–15 page final essay requirements for Environmental Studies, Gender […]