Alum shares Eskimo tales

“Udak” is an Inuit greeting, something like the English “good morning.” About 50 children and adults gathered at the Peabody Museum of Natural History on Monday afternoon at the feet of John Houston ’75, master storyteller and arctic adventurer, rolling the word off their tongues. Some were barely old enough to speak but “Udak” rang […]


Art review: Conn. artists gain art space

For its eclectic choice of artists and its accessible aesthetic, New Haven’s Artspace has become one of the most visited and diverse galleries in Connecticut. For 11 years, the gallery has hosted the Citywide Open Studios Project, which allows visitors to view artists’ works in their own studios. Artspace’s new exhibition, CONNCentric, focuses only on […]


Developers aim for ‘10th square’ to fit right in

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. For over a year, the site of the former New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum has stood empty and deserted — and to Alex Garvin ’62 ARC ’67, the CEO of Alex Garvin & Associates who teaches “Introduction to Study of The City,” that […]


Artspace attracts New Haven youths

Artspace. It exists in an area that most Yalies would tremble at the thought of (at college, four blocks is “miles”). Other sturdier souls might know it as “around about where Miso is.” But if you’re ready to brave whatever local mythology places between the Yale campus and 50 Orange St. (kids on bicycles, panhandlers […]


Q&A: Richard Suchenski GRD ‘11, Graduate Chair of Cinema at the Whitney

Q: What aesthetic does this year’s program follow? A: It’s the best, most diverse yet. Thanks to a series of co-sponsorships with Yale departments and programs, as well as support from cultural organizations and embassies in New York, we have been able to add a significant number of special mid-week screenings — the highlight being […]


Moral police vs. drugs and DJs

To most Americans, Iran is a far away place of sand, camels, terrorists and, most recently, nuclear ambitions. Should Iran be bombed, cities with names like Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan will only become names on the battlefield map. Few will remember the shining strips of fruit lace and floating walnuts sold in the cool […]

Obama supporters take on Elm City streets, with brooms

Campus supporters of Sen. Barack Obama headed out into the city Saturday to clean streets as part of an effort to demonstrate the grassroots, civic-minded nature of the Illinois senator’s presidential campaign. The students’ street-sweeping effort — which was duplicated by students in Philadelphia — was the brainchild of Justin Kosslyn ’09 and David Manners-Weber […]


At Quinnipiac, students unmoved by election

HAMDEN — Buses normally best known for transporting dozens of female Quinnipiac University students to and from Yale’s campus on Saturday nights were commandeered for an entirely different purpose Tuesday — the democratic process. About 50 of Quinnipiac’s 5,4000 undergraduates had left campus on the notorious buses by 4:00 p.m. yesterday to cast their ballots […]


Two days before vote, McCain stops in Conn.

FAIRFIELD — New Haven isn’t exactly a hotbed of Republican politics, but in this Connecticut town, one GOP presidential candidate was kicking up a storm of both support and opposition on Sunday, two days before the state’s primary. Battling through a crowd of about 50 protestors, Senator John McCain made his only stop of the […]


Legislators urged to extend deer-hunting season

The commonly accepted view of deer as friendly, graceful and peaceful animals is being challenged this week. The reason: Lyme disease. In an effort to control the risk of Lyme disease — the tick-borne infectious agent that is increasingly being transmitted by Connecticut’s deer population — Georgina Scholl, research chair of the Fairfield County Municipal […]


French cinema fans await double feature

This Friday, Oct. 12, French Cinema lovers and those hoping to catch a glimpse of two of the most important men in the modern French Film world will head to 212 York Street for the day-long event, “French Cinema and its New Wave Legacy,” organized by the Yale Film Studies Program. Jean-Michel Frodon, editor in […]