Nicolas Niarchos
ART REVIEW | Abstract art exhibited in office building

It’s 5 o’clock on a Monday afternoon and the light is fading over the city. In the lobby of the fourth floor of the New […]

Q&A | Stadium architect talks Super Bowl

Peter Eisenman, the Louis Kahn visting professor at the Yale School of Architecture, designed Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals […]

On the ground: Super Bowl snapshots

At 7:52 p.m., the Saybrook 12-pack erupted. There were 18 seconds left on the clock in the second quarter of Super Bowl XLIII. Arizona Cardinals […]

Beavers examines aesthetics of art, cinema

Can the aesthetic dimension ever liberate? What place does the aesthetic have in great cinema? For experimental filmmaker Robert Beavers, the answer is clear: “[Cinema] […]

Israeli general draws protests

WOODBRIDGE, Conn. — The Middle East conflict hit home Tuesday afternoon as protesters gathered to demonstrate outside the Joseph E. Slifka Center for Jewish Life. […]

Elm City’s art world braces for recession

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting, declarations of a recession and Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s grim warnings, the New Haven art world has been […]

Hometown mayor lauds Palin

WASILLA, Alaska — Before Tuesday’s election, the News sat down with Verne Rupright, the mayor of the Alaskan town where the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Gov. […]

Wasilla ‘appalled’ by election results

On a clear and cold day in Wasilla, the afternoon sun was just setting over the Alaskan plains as the final ballots were being counted. […]

ART REVIEW | Exhibit melds genres

Head down to Haskins Laboratories at 300 George St. for an interdisciplinary extravaganza. Here, science meets art — and with astounding results. Perhaps suitable for […]

A trip to Palin country

WASILLA, Alaska — The Great Bear Brewery is famous for its “good beer, good chow, good company.” At least that is what Chris, a taxi […]

Burbank continues bid

FARMINGTON, Conn. — Even though third-party candidates have been denied access to the 2008 presidential debates, all the congressional candidates in Connecticut’s 5th District met […]