Nick Defiesta
When psychologists “go wrong”

A guard comes into a prisoner’s cell at three in the morning and tells him to take off his clothes. He takes away the prisoner’s […]

What Milgram, Zimbardo taught us

Philip Zimbardo GRD ’59 was the lead investigator in the Stanford prison experiment, which was conducted 40 years ago this summer. The News spoke with […]

Yalies conflicted 5 years after Pluto death

Five years after the fact, some Yale students are still reeling from Pluto’s official downgrade to the category of “dwarf planet.” In an informal student […]

Postdoc wins German fellowship, opens lab

A Yale researcher has won an Emmy — but not the normal kind. Wolfram Pernice, a postdoctorate fellow at the School of Engineering, was awarded […]

Rainforest class yields new discoveries

If Jon Russell ’11 gets his way, the days of dumps are numbered. Russell is the lead author of a paper accepted for July publication […]

Bands prepare to battle it out

A battle is on the horizon. WYBC, Yale’s student-run radio station, will be hosting its annual Battle of the Bands this Thursday on Becton Plaza […]

Researchers take on HIV in D.C.

Yale researchers are about to tackle the nation’s biggest HIV epidemic. A research team at the School of Medicine recently received a $4.2 million grant […]

Architect talks ‘embarassments’

At a talk naming architecture’s biggest embarrassments Thursday night, Morse and Stiles escaped unscathed. “Seven architectural embarrassments” were listed during a Yale School of Architecture […]

Yale film heads to the red carpet

James Franco GRD ’16 won’t be the only Yalie at the Oscars this year. The Warriors of Quigang, a documentary about an environmental battle in […]

Inaugural biomed prof talks research

Medical professor Tamas L. Horvath has been appointed the Jean and David W. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Research, a position established just last summer. His […]

Yalies fight vomit on zero gravity flight

This June, the Yale Drop Team will experience what it is like to be in outer space. Flying in one of NASA’s infamous “Vomit Comets,” […]