Nick Baldock
A vote for Tony Blair, a prayer for John Paul

At last, the worst-kept secret in British politics is out: It was announced earlier this week that there will be a General Election on May […]

The sky’s stayed put, so I’ll count my blessings

As I noted on Jan. 14, 2004, “If I’m still writing about President Bush in February next year, Chicken Licken and friends may have to […]

Why I’m glad I’m a Brit (and can’t vote)

My editor begged me not to write about the election. She pleaded that she was drowning under the weight of Op-Eds on the subject and […]

A novel idea: parents as real-life heroes

The Booker Prize is, in theory, the leading award for fiction in the English language by writers outside America. The novelist Tibor Fischer, short-listed in […]

In politics, where do you really fit?

Among the two or three interesting things I did over the summer was my discovery of a Web site called Apologies to those of […]

Patriot Day offers chance for reflection

Of all the trans-Atlantic chasms that cannot be bridged, patriotism is one of the widest. To Europeans who pride themselves on sophistication and nuance, the […]

For St. George’s day, celebrate our diversity

How the Bible would have opened if God were a woman: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was […]

Being on ‘right side of history’ won’t help case

As Judy Garland famously noted, there’s no place like home. I always enjoy going home, even if I discover upon my return that not only […]

2004 is an election year, not the end of the world

Welcome back to the Year of the Monkey. No, that isn’t low-grade satire, it’s a reference to Chinese astrology. And for all you Horses (1978 […]

Searching the stacks for libraries’ ‘marginal’ allure

It’s amazing what you find when you either aren’t looking for it or don’t need it. Take this helpful piece of advice from a Web […]

City will be alive with ‘The Sound of Music’

Okay, all together now –“The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years!” Don’t pretend you […]