Nati Tesfaye
Staff Reporter
Nati Tesfaye is a sophomore in Branford College from East Haven, Connecticut. He covers business, workers and unions in the city of New Haven. Last year, he covered housing and homelessness for the News.
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ClimateHaven looks to uplift New Haven’s climate tech startups 

ClimateHaven opened its doors on Nov. 9 and has set its sights on supporting and developing New Haven’s up-and-coming climate tech startups.

New Haven’s economy shows promise following new S&P bond rating upgrade

After years of steady economic growth and disciplined spending, New Haven has seen a rise in its S&P Global Credit Rating from BBB+ to A-.

Strength Haven Athletics opens its doors and hopes to lift the community

After opening its doors in early August, Strength Haven Athletics looks to grow its business and relationship with the city of New Haven.

Latine dance studios flourish in New Haven

As Latine Heritage Month comes to an end, the city’s Latine dance studios continue to flourish, grow and reflect on the significance of Latine culture in the New Haven community.

New Haven’s mayoral candidates disagree over economic policy

As this year’s mayoral race heats up, the candidates are hoping to sell their economic visions to voters in the face of a housing crisis and rising cost of living.

Seven days of rallies highlight wrongful convictions in New Haven

Gaylord Salters led the “7 Days of Truth with Proof” series of rallies to raise awareness on wrongful convictions and mass incarceration in mid-June.

Negrón leaked as NHPS superintendent pick ahead of Wednesday confirmation vote

Board of Education member Darnell Goldson released the name of the Superintendent two days before other members of the board planned to publicly announce the appointment.

Elicker bulldozes Ella T. Grasso Boulevard tent city

Mayoral candidates and elected officials have accused Elicker of “mismanagement” after the demolition of the tent city off of Ella T. Grasso Boulevard.

New Haven’s unhoused population endures a winter with decreased shelter capacity

As waitlists for shelter beds grow, people experiencing homelessness turn to warming centers and tent cities as alternative means of surviving the cold.

Youth housing service Y2Y New Haven plans expansion to new site

With plans in the works for a new building on Grand Avenue, the student-led unhoused youth services nonprofit is aiming to ramp up its service efforts.

Lawmakers propose bills to protect Connecticut tenants unions

Amid an increase in tenants unions across the state, lawmakers have begun drafting bills to help unions gain protection and government recognition.